Does your mom or anyone that has been a Mother figure deserve to be crowned Mother of the Year? 

Nomination Requirements; 

Submit this application along with a picture and an essay describing “What is a Mother?” and why she should be crowned “Mother of the Year” by April 17, 2016.

If your mother is crowned as Mother of the year, you or someone she loves will be invited to read the essay to your mom at BerryFest during the Little Miss Strawberry Pageant on Saturday May 13th at 11am.  We will ask her to come on stage and receive a Crown, a Sash, a bouquet of Roses, a gift basket and a $1,000 donation or scholarship to be written to the person, organization or non profit of her choice (may be split).  Essay’s will be scored and decided by a panel of volunteer judges from the BerryFest Club.

Contest Rules

1.       Nominate any “mother” of any age.

2.       The essay “What is a Mother?” should be written in standard format with an introduction, the body and a conclusion.  

3.       Essay must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs.

4.       Essays must not exceed 2000 words in length, submitted in English, 14 pt, font, type-written in black ink and double-spaced.

5.       Each essay must be submitted with a completed entry form and picture.

6.       Essays submitted without completed entry forms will be automatically disqualified.

7.       Only one entry per nominator per year.

8.       Essay entries cannot have already been published.

9.       Any essays found to be plagiarized will be automatically disqualified and the nominee will be prohibited from entering any future BerryFest competitions.

10.   Judges cannot be related to any person whom is nominated.


April 17, 2017 Postmark deadline for a nominee to send essay, application and picture to Kennedy Pageant Productions.

May 1, 2017 Mother of the Year winner will be notified on or before this date.

Apply Online at or email application, picture and essay to [email protected]