The Farmers

All of our Strawberries are grown and picked fresh right here in California by California Farmers, and depending on how the local weather has been they are mostly from right here in Placer County.  We require all vendors to purchase their Strawberries from our local farmers that support our Festival.  This insures that all Strawberries eaten at our festival are Fresh and Delicious.  

Why is it that we sometimes run out of Strawberries?
At BerryFest you are buying Strawberries from the farmer that grew them. We occasionally run out of Strawberries at BerryFest. We track the number of full flats we sell each year and we ask the farmers to bring 10% more than the year before. But it's not that simple, a minor change in weather can drastically affect the harvest which can drastically effect the number of berries available for the festival.  One year we had a frost and lost all of the berries on the plants, the farmers ended up with small berries that weren't that bad but there weren't enough of them. Another year we had heavy rains leading up to the festival and the plants sucked up a bunch of water, they were soft and soggy and there weren't enough good ones. We also had a year that our growth was more than 10% and we didn't have enough berries because we didn't pick enough.  Then we have had a few years were we had a decline in attendance and the farmers ended up wasting good berries.

The best ingredient for good berries is clear skies and sunshine, which we usually get. If we have three good weeks of 90% sun we will have good berries. 

As you can see it is a difficult formula with a lot of variables. We do our best and most years end up running out of berries about an hour before we close which is about perfect for us and the strawberry farmers.
We have been offered sponsorships from big retail stores that are willing to give us sponsorship dollars and free promotion but it always comes with a stipulation that they get the exclusive right to sell Strawberries which means we would have to cut the local farmers out of our event and we won't do that so we apologize in advance and hope that we have enough berries for everyone, but if the crop isn't right, the weather doesn't cooperate, or we have a bigger than expected attendance growth we may run out of strawberries.